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Garett and Jessica are gym owners and high-level trainers, together they have nearly 20 years of health and fitness experience.
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Dec 6, 2016

In this episode Garett talks to Kettlebell Master Jeff Sokol about the power of the Kettlebell, living life with passion, the law of attraction, and even about their “man crush” Zar Horton. Jeff a fitness coach, a Strong First Team Leader, and founder of Sokol Strong. If you are excited about life, this is the podcast for you! 

Show notes:

Follow – Sokol Strong Facebook page

Jeff website: Sokol Strong


Nov 11, 2016

In this episode Garett talks to CKO/2.0 Member Jen Rash about the 2016 PresidentialElection. This most recent election is one that will definetly go down into the record books as the most insane election ever. Garett and Jen don’t waste anytime and start the podcast off full throttle. Enjoy! 

Jen Rash grew up in El Paso, TX and moved to Seattle in 2002 to attend UW where she studied Communications. She has been a member at both CKO Kickboxing Seattle and 2.0 Next Level Fitness for just over 1-year. Over the course of this year she has become “much stronger”, and “much saner” (her word). Jen is a Senior Account Manager at PRR (, which is a full service communications firm in downtown Seattle. Jen has worked on everything from the SR 99 Bored Tunnel, to the Surprised by Shoreline campaign - 

Nov 1, 2016

In this episode Garett talks to Fitness Coach Anna Willard about kettlebells, breathing, meditation, overcoming injuries, and how to improve the overall quality of your life. Anna is a level 1 certified kettlebell instructor in both, StrongFirst (SFG) and Strength Matters (SMK), Level 2 FMS (Functional Movement Screen), and Ground Force method. This podcast is highly informative and inspirational!

Show notes: 

Follow - Coach Willard Facebook page

Books - The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive by Jim Afremow

Oct 19, 2016

In this episode Garett talks to personal training superstar Nikki Vaughan about all things fitness. Nikki is wellness specialist/personal trainer in the Seattle area who is also a triathlete and avid horse rider who regularly compete in Eventing. Eventing is the only sport where men and women compete on equal terms. Garett and Nikki talk about what’s it’s like leaving a high paying “corporate” job to become a fitness trainer. In addition Garett and Nikki discuss the importance of goal setting, the trainer/client relationship, motivating clients, the media’s effect on body image and much, much, more. This podcast was a lot of fun!

Show notes:

Nikki K Fitness

Oct 13, 2016

In this episode Garett talks to long time CKO Kickboxing Seattle member Jeff Cornell about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Jeff Cornell is an award winning tattoo artist in Seattle and is also the owner of Hidden Hand Tattoo Shop. Hidden Hand has been a highly successful shop for nearly 10-years. Garett and Jeff talk about what it takes to run a small business and the importance of taking it “one step at a time”. If you are curious about the keys to success, this is the podcast for you.

Show notes:

Hidden Hand Tattoo Shop

Tao at work: On Leading and Following by Stanley M. Herman



Oct 9, 2016

In this episode Garett talks to long time CKO Kickboxing Seattle member Christina Srour about the idea of the growth mindset. The growth mindset is based on work by Dr. Carol Dweck who coined the terms “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset” to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence. This idea is being applied to school age children, which is how Christina came across the idea. This conversation is interesting.

Show notes: 

Growth Mindset website

Oct 6, 2016

In this episode Garett interviews Dawn Ford who is the owner of the Seattle Barkery. The Seattle Barkery is a mobile dog Food truck and coffee bar that specializes in handcrafted dog treats! The Conversion covers everything from healthy food for dog, the adventures of being a small business owner, and even the keys to overall happiness. If you are a fan of dogs, a healthy lifestyle, or small business this podcast does not disappoint!

Show notes:

The Seattle Barkery – Website

Seattle Barkery Facebook page – Give them a like

Dogwood indoor dog park – The Seattle Barkery has a location inside of this indoor dog park.

Seattle Food Truck Builders – According to Dawn these guys are the best in the business!

Devils play Ground – Documentary

BlackFish - Documentary

Oct 3, 2016

In this episode Garett interviews 2.0 Next Level Fitness’s newest personal trainer Kristina Willson. The conversation starts off about the importance of goal setting then quickly turns into a discussion about the state of our health care system and our current Presidential candidates. This interview is a lot of fun! 

Show notes:

Michael Moore article “Trump Is Self-Sabotaging His Campaign Because He Never Really Wanted The Job In The First Place

Recommended Documentary with Noam Chomsky - Requiem for the American Dream

Key Words:

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Women's Health, Fitness, Deadlift, pull-ups



Sep 30, 2016

In this episode of the Team Renon Podcast Garett interview’s Josh Cannaday CKO Seattle/2.0 Next Level Fitness’s Gym Manager. In this episode Josh and Garett talk about everything from facing your biggest fears, to Quantum mechanics, to drinking AYAHUASCA in the jungles of Peru. This podcast is not to be missed.

Show notes:

To learn more about Josh’s rock and roll days here is a link to his band Hills of Elysium. Check out this interview here to see what motivated him creatively, spiritually or emotionally and to see some great photos wearing “guy liner”? Trust me, it is worth it!

Book “Life after Life” by Raymond Moody

Book: On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins

Book: You are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

AYAHUASCA documentary. You can stream it free here:

Jul 2, 2016

Podcast Episode 25. The bad news - we have been MIA for nearly 9-months! The good news - We are BACK!!!

So this podcast is all about Rehab, not for drugs and alcohol but rehab for your body and even your mind. In this podcast we had special guest Dr. Mike Smith of Kinetic Sports Rehab - . And we talk about why Kinetic Sports Rehab is not your average "physical therapy" office. We also talk about common fitness injuries, the importance of glute-activation exercises and the importance of quality over quantity.

Book Recommendation:

Boundaries for Leaders by Henry Cloud

You Are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Oct 10, 2015

After a long hiatus, Garett and Jessica are back too discuss all things fitness. In this episode they talk about their gym's current 10-week challenge and why a challenge (in general) maybe exactly what you need to get you over that fitness "plateau".

Garett and Jessica also discuss why weight gain can be common at different times throughout your fitness journey. 

Then the conversation suddenly takes a turn toward to the zombie apocalypse (again). What 5 exercises/equipment would Garett and Jessica use during the apocalypse? 

Lastly Garett and Jessica talk about 5 factors that prevent people from reaching their goals.

Key words: Team Renon Podcast, zombie apocalypse, 10-week challenge, 2.0 Next Level fitness


Aug 19, 2015

Today the Team Renon Podcast is proud to have Josh Cannaday as a special guest… James Harrison went on social media telling the world that he made his young boys return their participation trophies. In this episode Garett, Jessica, and Josh discuss this topic as well as the current trend of kids and even adults feeling entitled.

The topics then move on to constructive criticism. Finally, the podcast is wrapped up by discussing the hip hinge clinic and the upcoming 21-day habit hack!

Key Words: James Harrison, Hip Hinge Clinic, Garett Renon, Jessica Renon, Josh Cannaday, Trophy Kids, Annual Trophy Sales, 21-day habit hack, 2.0 Next Level Fitness, #harrisonfamilyvalues, Team Renon Podcast

Aug 2, 2015


Is it possible to go too far?

From Monkeys to cyborgs--In this episode we talk about everything from the 1000-lb club, to Ninja training, to Movnat, to the progression of the human race, FatWater, and even Damns.

Damnation documentary:

Lily drone:

Movnat equipment:

Sapiens book: 


Key Words: Lily drone, Movnat, Fatwater, Ninja training, 1000-lb club, Nature, Damnation, Nature documentary, human zoo, bulletproof coffee, MCT oil, bio hacking, Sapiens, abs


Jul 13, 2015

The Story of Al Hemmen, CKO’s “mascot” and how he randomly showed up to the gym and his appearance brings up the topic of “fate” or “something bigger”.

Onism strikes again. Garett and Jessica talk about how they used Onism durning their last weekend get away!


Lastly should you eat and train like a bodybuilder if you fitness goals are just to lose a few pounds?


Keywords: Al Hemmen, CKO Seattle, Fate, Onism, Eat like a bodybuilder, House boat, Lake Washington, fasting, juice cleanse, multiple meals a day, train like a bodybuilder


Jun 29, 2015

Are Puff Daddy and Snoop Dogg proof that we are living in the Matrix? In this episode Garett and Jessica discuss how P-Diddy changed the game when it comes to kettlebells. The Garett Finds out an interesting fact that he uses as proof that we are living in a simulation because “you can’t make this stuff up”!

What’s the newest trend in the fitness world? The answer, small group training. Garett and Jessica discuss why semi-private training just maybe the best way to get in shape!

Lastly, tent cities, are they helping people or are they a burden to the surrounding areas? Garett and Jessica talk about a tent city that is ½ a mile away from their gym.

Key words: Kettlebells ,Tent City, Semi private training, Small group training, Why Small group training is the best, Best fitness trends 2015, crime rates, Life is a simulation,

Jun 15, 2015

Should you be taking a calcium supplement? Well did you know that The United States has one of the highest rates of osteoporosis in the world, despite also having one of the highest calcium intakes? If you are concerned about bone health taking calcium should be the least of your worries. In this episode Garett and Jessica talk about how to achieve optimal bone health using diet and exercise. 

The conversation then takes a turn to talking about breaking our addiction to stuff. Garett and Jessica share personal stories about times they spent money on life changing experiences.

The somehow they start talking about “Johnny Law”, asking if cops get a bad rap?

Key Words: Calcium supplementation, MacTech, Natural Stacks, Police Brutality, Bone Health, Bulletproof Conference, Garett's Book,

Jun 8, 2015

If you had to choose between having the ability to fly or be invisible, what would you choose?  In this episode Garett and Jessica discuss this topic and what your answer may say about you! Also is it possible to be a true “hero” if you choose to be invisible?

The conversation then moves to a question about proximity and convenience. Is it possible that a gym can be too convenient? Well Garett and Jessica have a real life story about a person that took 3-years to finally step through their gym door all while working right next door.


Finally Garett and Jessica discuss a health fair they attended which was located at a supplement shop.  If you are curious about supplements this is a must listen!

Key words:

Radio lab podcast, Superpowers, Superheros, Aaron Brothers, Supplements, CILTEP, Bulletproof coffee, MCT oil, gym excuses, Garett Renon, Jessica Renon, Best supplemetns to take


May 25, 2015

In this episode Garett and Jessica once again discuss the role of social media and how it effects our lives. Will we have any privacy left? And, Is it really a bad thing if we no longer have any privacy?

But before they get into the topic of privacy Garett and Jessica discuss a fascinating documentary titled Planet Earth. After watching the documentary Garett is convinced that penguins are dumb!

The conversation goes back to social media and all the pressures associated with being constantly connected.

Lastly, Garett talks about the “House Keeper study”. The result of this study is nothing short of amazing!

Key Words: Harvard House Keeper study, Facebook, Social media privacy, are we losing our privacy, Planet Earth, BBC documentary, Penguins are dumb, Nature, mindfulness, Surgeon General recommendation for exercise

May 18, 2015

What is an acceptable amount of time to respond to an email, texted messages or Facebook messages? In this episode Garett and Jessica discuss why Jessica removed Facebook from her phone. The question is then asked if not being constantly connected had negative consequences?

Have you heard of the word Onism? Well the discussion goes from Facebook messages to this word. Listen to what to find out what it means.

Lastly find out why the Advocare tent was more popular than the CKO tent.

Key words: Facebook, Facebook messages, how much time do I have to respond to an email, Onism, email, Advocare, constant connectivity, Garett Renon, Jessica Renon, Team Renon Podcast, Healthy life experiment

May 4, 2015

In this episode of the Team Renon Podcast, Garett and Jessica discuss their views about the Mayweather Pacquiao fight, which leads to the discussion of glorifying violence, head trauma, and the love of combat sports.

Then the podcast takes a turn and Garett and Jessica talk about Oreos and school lunches.

Lastly, Garett rants about people pointing the wrong way…

Key Words: Oreo cookies story, School lunches.  Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Jon Jones, UFC, Boxing, Head Trama, worlds fattest girl.


Apr 20, 2015

Yes, we just made that statement! But it is true, and in this episode we (Garett and Jessica) discuss how your posture can affect your entire life. Also Garett makes a couple of “failed” attempts to bring Jessica into a philosophical debate about gym distraction and another debate about being popular or the best. This is a great episode and the information about changing your posture is mind-blowing! 

Key words: Resting bitch face, Resting bitch face makes you a bitch, Gym distractions, Popular or the best, Posture and happiness, depression, posture and depression, Garett Renon, Jessica Renon, Mp3, Music at the gym, workout music, Stink eye

Apr 13, 2015

Is there such a thing as an easy workout? If you do experience an “easy” workout whose fault is it, the trainer’s or your own? In this episode Garett and Jessica discuss this topic as well as laying out the characteristics of what makes a good/bad trainer and also what makes a good/bad class participant. Also Garett and Jessica discuss their opinions about a North Korean documentary and apply their lessons learn to the health and fitness world. Lastly, Garett rants about old blenders having too many buttons!

Key Words:

North Korea, Bad Group Fitness instructors, Vitamix, How to be a good student of fitness, hard workouts, easy workouts, Garett Renon, Jessica Renon, 2.0 Next Level Fitness, Skykomish river

Mar 29, 2015

Binge eating, unethical doctors, bad breakfasts, self-responsibility and self-sabotage! In this episode Garett and Jessica plunge deep into the world of health/fitness ethics, asking questions such as when to say when to a friend? And what is the responsibility of a doctor when a client asks for the elusive “get out of jail free card”? This is a definitely a must listen!

Key words: Dermatology, French toast, pancakes, Bad doctors, health care alliance, Self-sabatoge, boring workouts, fun exercise ideas


Mar 29, 2015

Are Abs (crunches, sit-ups, etc) exercises bad for you? Are there better and safer ways to get that elusive 6-pack? In this episode Garett and Jessica discus the negative effects of back rounding, and suggest some really amazing alternatives, if fact one of the alternatives you could be doing right now as you read this sentence…Also are you a fitness snob? If you are unsure listen in as Garett and Jessica talk about the most common traits of a fitness snob.

Key words: Best abs exercises, how to get a stronger core, best core exercises, fitness snob, crossfit, Bruce Lee, Movement fix, Dr. Debell, CKO kickboxing, 2.0 fitness, Garett and Jessica Renon

Mar 21, 2015

In this episode Garett and Jessica discuss the mood altering effects of exercise and diet. They also discuss how to best combat overtraining. Which then leads into a discussion about physical therapy, the importance of listening to an expert and gender roles. Lastly no podcast is complete without discussing the deep meaning of the Rocky soundtrack and finally Garett rants about the ineffectiveness of local governments.


Key words:

Eye of the tiger, Rocky Soundtrack, Physical therapy, SADS, Depression, percentage of women in physical therapy, Tom Selleck

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