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Garett and Jessica are gym owners and high-level trainers, together they have nearly 20 years of health and fitness experience.
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Oct 19, 2016

In this episode Garett talks to personal training superstar Nikki Vaughan about all things fitness. Nikki is wellness specialist/personal trainer in the Seattle area who is also a triathlete and avid horse rider who regularly compete in Eventing. Eventing is the only sport where men and women compete on equal terms. Garett and Nikki talk about what’s it’s like leaving a high paying “corporate” job to become a fitness trainer. In addition Garett and Nikki discuss the importance of goal setting, the trainer/client relationship, motivating clients, the media’s effect on body image and much, much, more. This podcast was a lot of fun!

Show notes:

Nikki K Fitness

Oct 13, 2016

In this episode Garett talks to long time CKO Kickboxing Seattle member Jeff Cornell about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Jeff Cornell is an award winning tattoo artist in Seattle and is also the owner of Hidden Hand Tattoo Shop. Hidden Hand has been a highly successful shop for nearly 10-years. Garett and Jeff talk about what it takes to run a small business and the importance of taking it “one step at a time”. If you are curious about the keys to success, this is the podcast for you.

Show notes:

Hidden Hand Tattoo Shop

Tao at work: On Leading and Following by Stanley M. Herman



Oct 9, 2016

In this episode Garett talks to long time CKO Kickboxing Seattle member Christina Srour about the idea of the growth mindset. The growth mindset is based on work by Dr. Carol Dweck who coined the terms “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset” to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence. This idea is being applied to school age children, which is how Christina came across the idea. This conversation is interesting.

Show notes: 

Growth Mindset website

Oct 6, 2016

In this episode Garett interviews Dawn Ford who is the owner of the Seattle Barkery. The Seattle Barkery is a mobile dog Food truck and coffee bar that specializes in handcrafted dog treats! The Conversion covers everything from healthy food for dog, the adventures of being a small business owner, and even the keys to overall happiness. If you are a fan of dogs, a healthy lifestyle, or small business this podcast does not disappoint!

Show notes:

The Seattle Barkery – Website

Seattle Barkery Facebook page – Give them a like

Dogwood indoor dog park – The Seattle Barkery has a location inside of this indoor dog park.

Seattle Food Truck Builders – According to Dawn these guys are the best in the business!

Devils play Ground – Documentary

BlackFish - Documentary

Oct 3, 2016

In this episode Garett interviews 2.0 Next Level Fitness’s newest personal trainer Kristina Willson. The conversation starts off about the importance of goal setting then quickly turns into a discussion about the state of our health care system and our current Presidential candidates. This interview is a lot of fun! 

Show notes:

Michael Moore article “Trump Is Self-Sabotaging His Campaign Because He Never Really Wanted The Job In The First Place

Recommended Documentary with Noam Chomsky - Requiem for the American Dream

Key Words:

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Women's Health, Fitness, Deadlift, pull-ups